July 15, 2020

#Youtube Made second long format video

Daizy Maan @daizymaan

This sounds like I'm recording every little step rather than a milestone. But it's a milestone because I feel the second is already 10 fold better than the first

  • fixed sound issue with diff mic
  • organising better setup/lighting
  • realised I don't need a script rather really basic dot points because that's how I operate best, I was trying to be really organising with detailed notes in the first one but I just kept thinking I would forget what to say.
  • I planned the video for about 15 mins and made it within my lunch break (yet to edit post). It's on How To Build Relationships

To motivate myself and make sure I made a video I

  1. told my housemate I was going to do it [accountability]
  2. left my tripod stand in front of my all day as a reminder I couldn't bail
  3. told myself I'd make one before I knew what it was about. So I sat down to think of ideas and they just came on time. Took inspiration from what resonated most in the last video and a conversation my housemate and I had had the night before.
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