September 4, 2019

First time ever sharing online!

Perry Raskin @perryraskin

There have been too many conversations that I've been a part of that just get me frustrated due to how people think about owning or using credit cards. People are so paranoid about their credit, they drive themselves crazy for nothing. I'm not speaking about those who are in debt, but those who pay every bill on time and in full.

I can go on and on, but the bottom line here is this. People should take advantage of what credit cards really have to offer. Owning just one card is pointless in this regard. 1.5% unlimited cash back is nice for those who can't handle spending a bit more time actually making money and earning free vacations. For the rest of us, it's simply a waste!

I think everyone should at least be educated in what REALLY causes issues with their credit, and what they can take advantage of when it comes to credit card benefits. While this specific spreadsheet is targeted at beginners, it's wonderful for anyone who just wants a way to more easily visualize their past earnings and potential future earnings.

I've been working on this spreadsheet every so often, and shared it with a few friends. I even tweeted it, as well as included it in my blog posts on Medium. I figured even though it's not an app or website, it would be great to get feedback here as well!

The way its set up, is that it's a view-only spreadsheet that I made public. Anyone can copy the spreadsheet into their Google Docs account and edit their own version to their liking. The first sheet is the math, and the second sheet lists benefits of the credit cards I personally use and recommend.

It would be amazing if anyone who is into this type of stuff to let me know of anything you think is missing from the spreadsheet. Additionally, I would love to hear about what you like about it. My goal in general is to make certain aspects of personal finances easier for myself, and then of course for others.

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