September 6, 2019

Update on pitching to wannabe unicorns

Le @foreverhannahle

Following up on my post from the other week (", I wanted to share a quick update on how the pitch in front of my entrep venture class went!

In addition to the advice y'all had for pitching, I got really personal and authentic to my personal brand in front of the class. That brand is based on admitting when you don't know something, asking questions, and balancing existential cynicism with a young half-hippie, half-emo heart that never gave up on saving the world.

Here's a rundown of how the pitch went:

  • opened with what The Good Startup is: a blog about companies saving the world
  • got personal story involved: how I got started in July when it was easier to see how many of my friends hated their internships, how many co-workers face burn-out or existential midlife crises (joke about how my professor wasn't there yet - got a lot of laughs from that), and on a more serious note, how we've kind of accepted taking a mediocre job and mediocre pay as a part of just "growing up"
  • stated a survey stat: 1/3 of respondents in an anthro study felt their jobs had absolutely ZERO meaningful contribution to this planet. Changed that mindset to "that's 1/3 of people who hate what they do for a living when they could be finding a passion making a difference in the world. And that there WERE people who are already doing that. A LOT of them.
  • said that TGS was studying the close relationship between personal life fulfillment and meaningful impact at work and in society by interviewing founders and employees at companies with social/environmental missions
  • MVP results: 90% of all companies agreed to having an interview with me, including Patagonia and 4ocean, and 20% of all site visitors sign up for the landing page's email list compared to the industry average of 6.3%
    -admitted at the end is there's a lot of info I don't know yet but am willing to learn, and that the class was going to help me make big decisions for the future of a tech/startup blog that was dedicated to companies doing good first rather than trying to be the next big unicorn

And the results of my pitch?

The class was required to give each other public feedback on our pitches, so a lot of my feedback included:

  • great energy/personality
  • humor was engaging
  • authentic company and presentation
  • many, MANY book recommendations and company suggestions that I really appreciated
  • offers to connect me with people who could help in the industry
  • questions and concerns about how I was going to monetize or who exactly I was interviewing

Overall, this was the first time I shared The Good Startup with anyone (outside of friends and family) offline, and it's really motivating to put all of what I'm doing into words. Looking to launching in a few weeks with the interviews we've done :)

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