January 3, 2020

Free Beta Launched! 15 Users Pre-Launch Signed Up


This past year I quit my job, lived in Asia, self-taught myself design and UX, began freelancing to support myself, and NOW launched my first side project! We had 15 users signed up at pre-launch with only about a month of organic social media reach. This was exciting to see people take to the idea so naturally.

The Inner Voyage Co. is an online portal that allows users to take online voyages. Voyages are a series of reflections, meditations, and other exercises for actionable insights. The voyage not only has guided activities, but follows along animated story as well. Each voyage covers different topics.

Our first voyage is called "The Future Self Voyage", and it focuses on dreaming about your ideal life and ideal self. Then we help you build a plan to get there. The main thing that differentiates us, is that we believe you are your own guru. Rather, than telling you what you ought to do, we give you the space and tools to figure that out for yourself.

When I was in Asia, I wanted to build a habit tracking app that also paired users qualitative intentions. However, after a lot of research and user interviews I realized people need self-alignment and clarity way more. I found that it is only when people have a clear target and focus that they take consistent positive action. So I set out to create something that gives people this self-alignment from the comfort of their own homes.

Indiehackers was a big motivation to go out and do my own thing Bootstrap style. Im excited to keep you all updated on our far out journey! If you have any tips to share for product growth / user acquisition please let me know! In 2020 I would really like to network and learn from other Indiehackers more! Thanks for taking the time to read our update.