January 14, 2020

MVP Close to being realized

Amy @ @travelingflwr

Way too many hours and retries but getting closer. I’m happy with the bones, especially in regard to security.

A bit more about the idea:

What is the list of minimums?

“We all have really big things (life stuff, not work) we need to do. We all have ways of organizing not only the ‘why the change’ but also the ‘how do we get there’ as well as the ‘how to we measure the path’.”

Enter, the “Intelligent Magic 8 Ball”.

Consider it akin to professional project management for personal, larger changes.

Where this started for me is when my wife and I made the decision to transition to becoming full-time RV’ers.

While this isn’t a common thing, we’ll use this as the first example as it’s most relevant to my experience and thinking (aka... going with what I know).

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