November 26, 2019

Weekend project: A newsletter for humans.

Kieran B @Bagodonuts

While working on my other #nocode projects I wanted something quick to launch to keep momentum up (my goal is to launch a new project every fortnight until something takes off).

A few years ago I joined a wonderful mailing list called - an email lottery where each day a subscriber was chosen to email the entire list about anything they wanted.

The result was a daily dose of feelgood, interesting, random glimpses of humanity from different people all around the world. The list grew to 25,000 people by the end.

Sadly The Listserve shut down in 2018 but the creators signed off with their blessing to anyone who wanted to create their own.

Yesterday I launched which works on the same principles. The first email will be sent when it reaches 10,000 subscribers (who knows if it will ever get there).

This is definitely a slow burner without an obvious business model (Patreon is the only idea I have), but building diverse communities is something I'm passionate about and it will also be an interesting experiment in trying different publicity ideas.

Please join the list if you're interested in the concept, and also share it with people outside of the IH community - diversity will make it better for everyone.

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