February 19, 2020

Published the results of the report

Ferenc Forgacs @feriforgacs

Well, it took more time than I expected but the results of the report are finally live https://themakerreport.com/results/2019/

A few interesting insights from the results:

☕ To get things done coworking spaces and coffee shops still rock but a steady 6.7% enjoys the silence of libraries and for someone, the sauna is the place where ideas thrive.

🕰️ 50% of makers spend less than 3 months building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready to launch.

💰65.3% of makers earn under $200 per month but more than 5 years can get you close to your 1 million.

😣 When asked about what is the hardest task, out of all, 30.7% of makers answered that it’s growing their audience, and 25.7% said it’s finding customers.

💬 More than 85% of responders are part of a maker community and almost 59% of them are active in one or more.


I didn't choose the right platform to build the page for the results because I went with plain HTML and CSS. At first, I wanted to create a really simple page with images of charts and a few paragraphs but during the process, I realized that the UX is going to be bad that way.
At that point, I thought using plain HTML is still ok and I was too deep into the process to change my mind and start over. Next time, I'll go with Webflow :D

Now I also know why there is only a PDF for most of the reports. Working with charts on the web is not the easiest task. Especially when you want to make it on mobile as good as possible. Luckily, there are great open-source tools out there, like ChartJS. That saved me a ton of time.


Now it's time to spread the word about the results and start to create more indie maker related content to reach more members of the community and collect 1004 responses instead of 104 next year.

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