April 8, 2020

Surpassed 300 claps on Medium

Marc Howard @MarcHoward

This started as a Medium blog post The Problemeter and turns out that a few hundred other founders have experienced this problem too.

In a nutshell the best investors use very complex calculations to decide if a startup is worth investing, and I wanted to create a very simple, early version of this.

My Vision:
The Problemeter will be a virtual accelerator platform where thousands of startups enter their info, get scored and benchmarked against similar startups.

After getting scored the startups will get immediate feedback based on the questions they did poorly on (i.e. Very Low Total Addressable Market) and tips for improving in each specific area, including examples of successful companies that have excelled in this area.

This will create a dataset that can then be further back-tested against other successful companies to fine tune even further (i.e. based on category like SaaS, Ecomm, MarTech, etc.).

For stickiness and retention on the platform we will use machine learning to constantly find insights based on the data that we collect. This can be in the form of a weekly digest of similar companies or articles from pros specific to areas of improvement for the startup.

Honestly I think there may be better monetization models that I am not even thinking of.

What I Need:
Try The Problemeter Google sheet and I would love your feedback.

Next steps will be to find a technical resource who can help me create the initial webapp MVP--maybe a chatbot interface? :).

If you would like to participate in this project feel free to reach out and lmk how you can help.

About me:
I am a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of BizPayO.com and founder of Algohive.com.