January 8, 2020

The story behind The Product Angle

Pradip Khakhar @PradipCloud

So you’ve started your Product journey now what?

Where do you go to Level up your Negotiation and Product skills, and connect with other Product People?

Over the last few years, we have been talking to various Product people and companies. Small businesses, tech startups, fortune companies in the B2B space, junior/ mid-level/ senior Product managers, and founders and discovered a common theme.

On one side of the spectrum, there are a number of different education and training programs geared towards helping aspiring Product people find jobs, change careers into Product, and offer basic Product knowledge.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are a number of different options for directors/ VP’s/ CPO’s/ founders to network with each other.

Do you see a problem?

  • What happens once you landed your first Product position?
  • How do you grow in your career?
  • What to do to build your mindset, skillset, and toolset of the Product craft?
  • Avoiding (or at least minimizing) office/ team politics and distractions?
  • Who do you go to for advice?
  • Learn how to communicate, Negotiate & Evangelize effectively while building trust and confidence in Product teams.

Yeah, we do too.

Read more at https://theproductangle.com/start-here/

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