December 31, 2019

Asked Indie Hackers a very personal question

Mark Jeffery @markjeffery

I'll be launching The Quit Work Project on New Year's Day 2020, tomorrow, but I pre-launched today by asking Indie Hackers a very personal question: "Are you thinking of quitting your job in 2020?"

I know that Indie Hackers are an independent bunch: my hope is that I'll find a few would-be job-quitters to take The Quit Work Pledge at ahead of my launch tomorrow!

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    Hey Mark,
    Instead of reminding people why they should quit their jobs, It will be better to suggest a few ways to quit their jobs.

    And here's why:
    Quitting a job is not easy and it depends on the individual's conditions a lot. One can not quit even if he wants to because of financial conditions. And reminding them daily will even make their life more worse and full of regret.

    Just a suggestion from my side.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the suggestion, Rishabh!

      I agree, quitting is hard. I know: I still have two jobs after decades of trying to quit! And you're right, it's so dependent on finances, and so dependent on what else you're able to do outside of your day job.

      Thing is, there are plenty of resources to suggest alternatives to your day job. The Indie Hackers podcast and community is my all-time favourite, but there are others: for example, Side Hustle School has a different case study every day!

      What I'm aiming at is something different. There are many people out there who are blessed with opportunities and resources, but who still can't quit the day job. It's not just hard practically, it's hard psychologically to leave the security of a regular income.

      We rarely regret the things we do, we only truly regret the things we don't do. I'm hoping my project will help reduce those regrets.

  2. 2

    I doubt I will be able to go full time on my side project, but it's definitely the goal.
    Though I might switch my job for another one or maybe reduce my hours to 30

    1. 1

      Hello mysterious individual @jonny91 and thanks for the reply!

      Reducing hours is a great way to go, and that's something I've done with both my day jobs (yep, I have two!) to good effect.

      Why are you looking to go full-time on your side project? And what is it? If you'd rather not reply here, you can take The Quit Work Pledge anonymously at

      I'd love to hear more!

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    Hey Mark,

    I'm quitting my daily job to work on my company this year.

    1. 1

      That's awesome, Eren! I love it that you say that you play solo and you're not a team guy. Not many people willing to say it straight like that!

      I'd love to hear more about your company... or, if your employers don't yet know that you're planning to quit this year, I'd be very grateful if you could tell us all anonymously by taking The Quit Work Pledge at

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    Hey Mark,
    looking forward to how this project goes. I left my job in August for a short break (3 months), and going back to work this month (Jan 2020).
    One resource that I found extremely helpful in my decision to quit was the book "When to Jump" ( A lot of my resistance to quitting was that part of my brain feared what would happen if I quit. After reading the book, I laid out a plan, and that made it much easier to quit.
    I'll be on the lookout on what comes from this project for sure. There's not a lot of nuanced discussion about leaving works, either the why or the why. I hope this project does some of that.

    • Romeo
    1. 1

      That's great that you took 3 months away from your job, Romeo: I'm a big fan of sabbaticals, did it last in 2017, taking 6 months off both my jobs.

      Thanks for the book recommendation. I've just ordered it!

      And thanks for your interest in The Quit Work Project. I'm hoping to be a small part of a very large movement of people away from large organizations to smaller, nimbler startups. I don't think work as we know it has a future: we'll all be happier and more productive when we find a more flexible way to work!

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