Ep #1: Darren, All-Remote Culture Curator, GitLab

GitLab has 900+ distributed workers.

Slated to IPO next year, it might end up being the first true 100% distributed company to attempt this.

Karthik had an engaging discussion with Darren, All Remote Culture Curator at GitLab, and in effect, we learnt a lot about building distributed teams work at scale.

Tune in to the complete episode here - https://content.remote.tools/darren-murph-all-remote-culture-curator-at-gitlab.

Quoting a few key insights from the conversation:

  1. GitLab’s handbook is a staggering 3000 pages. Collaborative documentation is the backbone to efficient functioning at GitLab.

  2. The key for every company looking to go remote is to be highly intentional about everything. It is very easy to default to processes that would work in a typical co-located setting, which can be very dangerous.

  3. While remote work does give a person the flexibility to work from different locations, what it also means is that his/ her team members also need to consistently adapt to new work timings and styles. There is still no elegant solution for time zone issues.

As always, curious to know your thoughts :)

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