January 7, 2020

Coming up with the idea and starting a POC


Like a lot of great ideas, the concept for The Slashed was born out of laziness. I had recently gotten into shopping for more higher quality clothing and therefore more expensive. I ended up following a couple of brands that I knew produced high quality clothing, fit, and suited my fashion taste. With some of these brands however, you do end up paying a lot for the "name" in addition to quality. A lot of items weren't really worth the full price tag to me and were much more reasonable to buy on sale. So I would check multiple sites everyday and browse the sale sections for however many brands I was into at that time. Most of the time I would forget what was there the last time and go through the entire sale catalogue again - times however many sites I online shopped at. As you could imagine, this became a very time consuming and tedious process and eventually realized I could try to automate the process. I had created an app before that would scrape Amazon search listings and figured it would be very similar.

I work as a professional web developer so I thought building a simple proof of concept was going to be pretty straightforward. I wanted something that would go the sale page of a brand on a website, take all the products on that page and put them into a database. This service would run everyday so it should only save the new products it finds. Then it should send me an email with ONLY the new products. It sounded pretty straight forward, but it turned out a lot more complicated than what I hoped. It ended up taking about a month to develop this proof of concept, but the results were positive and encouraged me to move forward with this idea.

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