November 23, 2020

300+ Subscribers 😁🎉

Richard Awoyemi @RichAwo

The Startup has hit another milestone!


  • I've taken a step back from aggressive short-term growth techniques (Reddit posts etc.) and have started investing in other long term funnels.
  • I create a lot of graphs, so I'm trying out Pinterest (which is getting about 200+ views per month at the moment) and Instagram (which is about 70 followers so far).
  • Also, I've started to mix of news and educational info to reduce cognitive overload.
  • Becoming more visible on Clubhouse also resulted on more people trickling in.
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    I'm in a similar space with so we can exchange what works vs. what doesn't.

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      I would love that - feel free to hit me up on Twitter DMs!

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        Done. IH needs inbox.

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          Sweet, will get in respond later today!