October 18, 2020

Blog started

Henrique @quique

Although I was able to make a sale during the initial release, as expected, incoming organic traffic to the website has gone to almost 0.

To hopefully start building up SEO content, I'm starting some simple product comparisons. First one is Webflow vs Bubble - will take time, but it's the first step!

Available here: https://nocodelist.me/webflow-vs-bubble

Today's Top Milestones
  • Repeated Virality: Our Growth Hack Equation
    Repeated Virality: Our Growth Hack Equation This article explores how Rezi is able to quickly acquire a large number of new users through intentionall
  • Finished MVP and asked Beta Testers for Help
    I finished the first version of Product Explorer and asked on Twitter for help. Far more people than I had expected expressed their interest in beta-t