January 3, 2020

Is my Reddit strategy repeatable?

Caleb Peterson @calebmpeterson

This time I’m sharing The UX Mini Course to the r/SaaS subreddit...

When posting to a subreddit I try to imagine myself as the core demographic. In the case of r/SaaS, I imagine these personas:

  • Engineer at a SaaS, this person will get the most practical application from the mini-course

  • Product owner, this person might learn some UX principles, but the best outcome is they share it with their devs

  • Indie Hacker, this is the person I hope to give the most value to. They probably design, build, and ... well, y’all know :)

So I ask myself “How can I put the value in terms that these personas will immediately connect with?“

We’ll see how I do this time ... 😅

  1. 1

    11 upvotes and a lead for some contract work!

  2. 1

    5 upvotes so far... West Coast (SV) ought to be coming online over the next few hours. We will see...