December 10, 2019

The Generosity of Strangers on the Internet...

Caleb Peterson @calebmpeterson

The UX Mini Course is live and collecting subscribers!

A couple of weeks of development to bring the content online with live examples and a quick post on IH. This is my first newsletter/drip campaign to launch for my own content and it's been quite a learning experience!

So far 20 people have enrolled since a soft launch on Dec 22nd here on IH. Subscribers really seem to be getting value from the content, so that's great :)

Having your emails go into spam is awful. Fixing it is hard.

There are plenty of great online resources for testing out all the technical settings (SPF, DKIM, ... other acronyms I've already forgotten).

But in the end, nothing beats human interaction.

I've got my ESP engaged, and they've been surprisingly helpful given that I'm not even a paying customer (yet).

A huge thanks to @kday and @AndrewKamphey here on IH for taking the time to look into this and offer some great suggestions as well!

The generosity of strangers on the Internet is always a delightful surprise :)

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