Published the 100th Edition

This is a big deal for me.

The newsletter started as just a weekend side project, where I used to send a bunch of links to my friends.

The 1st edition was published back in September 2019, and this Sunday I sent out the 100th edition, without missing a single week!

I never had any output goals for the newsletter, which is why never thought of monetization.

It is and always will be a passion project.

But always had input goals -

  • Quality content that adds value to the reader.
  • Keeps me excited about learning, researching, and writing.
  • Gives me new ideas I can work on, sort of like a playground for my creative expression.

A couple of info products have spun out of The Wisdom Project, which have made me some money.

I continue to learn and iterate every week. I've experimented with the format and the content a lot in this period.

Learned a lot about writing newsletters as well.

Applying those learnings to my other newsletter - Listen Up IH, which is going well as well.

To celebrate 100 weeks of wisdom, I'm giving away all my info products for free this week.

Find out more in this week's edition -


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