100 weeks planned on theLIFEBOARD

Yesterday a user created the 100 week on theLIFEBOARD. This means almost two full years of people planning their weeks on our app 🗓

It has taken around six months, a slow and steady progress but a few things have helped boost traffic and gain users:

  • In October we were featured on Betalist. This gave us a huge spike on traffic and signups.
  • In Christmas we launched our new year resolutions exercise and promoted it on Instagram and Twitter. Multiple people completed the exercise but not too many signed up to use the app.
  • During the last couple of weeks I've been promoting theLIFEBOARD on different subreddits, replying to some threads and recommending it to people that might find it useful. This gave us some traffic, but the signups grow very slowly.

All of those tactics seem to be working so I plan to keep working on them and add a few more features to make theLIFEBOARD a better product.

You can see all our stats in our open page

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