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In 2017 we put our life goals on a whiteboard and started planning and reviewing our weeks. This process has helped us to achieve many of our goals so we decided to build a product around this idea.

February 23, 2021 Created our open stats page

Last week I realised we had no easy way to track our growth and everytime we needed to check the number of users on early access, total subscribers or any other metric, I had to run queries directly on our database.

This wasn't ideal so I decided to create a job that saves some metrics daily. After that, I realised that with this data I could create an open stats page so that's what we've shipped ๐Ÿš€

Our open stats page shows:

  • Early access users
  • Total subscribers
  • Goals created
  • Tasks created
  • Habits created
  • Weeks tracked

It's public in the link below ๐Ÿ‘‡

February 2, 2021 First update of the year: improved weekly ceremony

One of the things we wanted to improve in theLIFEBOARD was the weekly review ceremony. We noticed that a lot of users stopped using theLIFEBOARD at the end of the first week. That meant some people were finding it difficult to complete or actually didn't knew how to do it.

In addition, some users suggested to us new features, so we've included them.

The new week review ceremony is still a step-by-step questionnaire but we've added new features to help users actually make the most of this important exercise.

The 4 steps to complete your weekly review ceremony are:

  • Review: A new step in which you'll be able to check all your habits, goal-related tasks and, even your goal's milestones. If you forgot to check your habits someday during the week, you'll be able to do it now. In addition, having your milestones at hand will help you focus on your next steps to achieve your goals.

  • Score & notes: You'll receive a weekly score based on your habits checks and tasks completion. In this step you'll also be able to answer a few questions about your week's wins and how you can do better. These questions will change depending on how you did so we recommend you to take some time to reflect as they'll help you find valuable lessons you can apply next week.

  • Plan: In this step, you'll select the start and end dates, define a short statement with your priorities for the week and choose the habits you'll work on during the week.

  • Help: Lastly, you'll have the option to select the topics you are interested in to get your personalized list of articles and videos from our library each week.

We hope this new week review ceremony helps people like you find new ways to be more productive and encourage them to continue working towards their goals, achieve happiness and a fulfilled life.

If you're trying to be more productive and create new habits, we invite you to try theLIFEBOARD, we're sure you'll love it ๐Ÿค™

December 21, 2020 100 people set their new year resolutions in 3 day

During the last couple of weeks we've been working on the new year's resolutions exercise for theLIFEBOARD. It's a step-by-step exercise to help people review 2020 and set new resolutions for next year. In addition, it'll automatically sent people their resolutions within a year so they can review them.

Once done, it was time to promote it:

First we sent an email to all the people that requested early access to theLIFEBOARD (around 80). This email was opened by more than 55% of the recipients and around 25% actually completed the exercise.

After that, I included a banner on the website so current users can access the exercise.

Lastly, we created a quick video to promote it on Instagram stories. We used stock ideos from and included some illustrations we did. With 2$ spent per day, we reached almost 12k people in 3 days.

This morning I checked our DB and we currently have 102 people that have saved their resolutions ๐ŸŽ‰

We hope this helps us get more people into our app as this time of the year is when a lot of people think about setting new goals and start new habits.

Let's see how it goes ๐Ÿ˜Š

October 5, 2020 Featured on BetaList, reached 50 users

On October 2nd I received a notification on Twitter, we were featured on BetaList!

I submitted theLIFEBOARD in August and completly forgot about it. I waited a couple of days and checked our metrics on Google Analytics. More than 150 people visited our page from BetaList and 50 of them requested early access!

It might not be huge numbers compared to other products listed here in IH, but for us this a pretty big milestone. This is our first product so there were a lot of things we had no idea how to do (and still there are a lot) and we're learning a lot along the way, by making mistakes but we keep trying to give theLIFEBOARD some visibility.

We hope to receive some feedback from these users to improve the app and in the following weeks we'll keep adding content to our list of curated resources, fix some minor bugs and try to improve our landing copy and SEO.

Exciting weeks ahead!

Visit us on

July 6, 2020 New copywriting

Since the day we deployed the first version of our website, we've never been very happy with the copywriting. We've received some from various people that suggested we weren't explaining very well what the product was about and how it works.

After a couple of weeks brainstorming ideas, we think we've come up with a much better copy. The hero phrase is direct, simple and we think it can make users curious about our app, leading them to the features section and closer to the signup form.

We're sure it will work better than the previous. Let us know if you like the new copy, if there is any typo (there is always one...) and if you like it!

June 26, 2020 New design and first email update

Up until now, we were using a combination of fonts for titles and the rest of the body but we weren't 100% happy with them. So a few days ago while watching other products landing pages, we found a font that we really liked. We gave it a quick try and we thought it was perfect.

LifeBoard new logot

We had to adapt the font sizes throughout the whole website but the effort was worth it. Now we have a single font, which makes the page load faster, and the interface is more consistent and clean.

In addition, we've sent our first email update to all users: subscribers, the ones that requested early access and our beta users. We detailed all the current features and the ones to come so we expect it will convert some users ๐Ÿคž

May 26, 2020 Sent invites to first early access users

During the last couple of weeks, we're been working on improving the signup and login process, and adding the forgot/reset password functionality.

In addition, we've been improving the interface focusing on the UX by:

  • Adding messages to guide users
  • Adding tips
  • Create a new form for new users
  • Fix bugs that could lead to functionality loopholes.

With all these changes, we think we have a pretty good onboarding process so we decided it was time to invite some users to test it. We've sent the email invites and we're waiting to receive some feedback.

We've decided to do multiple rounds of invites to see we can improve the onboarding process with the feedback from the first users.

This is our first project and our first launch! (even though it's just to a handful of users... ๐Ÿ˜„)

May 18, 2020 Added habit tracking and redesign

We've been planning to add habits tracking to theLifeBoard for months and that's what we've been working on during the last couple of weeks. It's been a little tricky to implement but it's finally live and we've started to use it.

While we were thinking about how to integrate the habit tracking in the user's dashboard, we realized we were going to need a redesign as there were too many elements and information in a single page, so we've created two different pages:

  • Goals & Habits: in this page, users will be able to create new Goals or Habits and see their details.
  • Current Week: in this page users, will see their active habits so they can check them every day, and the tasks related to their goals.

Once done we've also updated the public demo page so people can see the new design.

The next thing we want to work on is to simplify the onboarding after the first log on so users understand how the app works. We are thinking about creating a video, a slideshow or maybe just some tooltips.
We've asked the community in this thread

April 30, 2020 Public pages finished and our first feature

We've been polishing our landing page and, although we know there is always room for improvement, we think it's good enough as it shows the main features of our product.
We've also created the Contact and About pages plus the Demo page we published last week so we think we have enough information in our public pages.

In addition, we've submitted our project to the Strapi community showcase and it now appears in. Our first feature in another page ๐Ÿ˜Š(baby steps)

April 21, 2020 Public demo available (no signup required)

A couple of days ago I had an idea. I think we haven't been able to get a lot of attention yet so, opening registration to users wouldn't translate to users signing into our application so we thought about building a public demo.

It just took me a couple of days to remove all the API integrations and add it to our landing page. We expect to get some feedback as right now we're just building what we think is right...

Let us know what you think!

In 2017 we put our life goals on a whiteboard and started planning and reviewing our weeks. This process has helped us to achieve many of our goals so we decided to build a product around this idea.