August 13, 2020

Theme Limpid

Atharva System @atharvasystem

If you are looking for the best Multi-purpose and Multi-Niche odoo theme without e-commerce features on Odoo Store, then here is the solution. Theme Limpid is the best theme with built-in responsive and high performance functionalities, which means you can build any type of website you want very easily and effectively.


Today's Top Milestones
  • App Approved 👍
    Monday launched their own marketplace and I thought it's a good place to submit an app and get some users. The review process was a little long. It to
  • Incorporated!
    Just incorporated SurveySays, Inc. Until now, this project was being subsumed by my umbrella LLC. But I wanted to keep open the possibility of raising
  • Finished Stripe Integration
    Finally finished my first Stripe integration for ThreadMaker. Tested on development a lot but for real world usage, I have to publish the latest versi
  • First issue sent!
    Finally, the first issue is out. It took me a few more weeks during which my day job was keeping me super busy, but I made it. During this time I cont
  • Another command added: "/del"
    "/del" deletes one or more keywords from your list: /del robot ai, amazon The "/tags" command will also be replaced by "/list". For now both of them w
  • First 1000 active users
    Today we've surpassed our first 1000 active users at CryptoAdvisor.Club, and we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all of them: our beta testers for the
  • Reached 200 subscribers in one day
    Yesterday I launched the in PH, and I reached the first page of PH. 200 developers, subscribed to my mailing list and I sent them the fir
  • Got feedback from paying customers
    Kanbana is a very generic app and it is used by thousands of users in many creative ways. It is great to see users be creative with your product, but
  • We got EPSON as our new CLIENT!
    We are always proud when our work is recognized by such a big company like Epson. It is a real pleasure to have them in our family now! Epson is a mul
  • First website integration
    Integrated moi with to display counters of Github stars and Twitter followers. This is the magic PR: