October 22, 2019

Hard work pays off. We got listed on Bootstrap!

Szőgyényi Zoltán @themesberg

After months of hard work and a thorough review process we had one of our newest products listed on the official Bootstrap Store! We consider this to be a huge achievement because it really shows the quality of our product and code. We hope this is only the beginning of a long list of accomplishments.

Link: https://themes.getbootstrap.com/product/spaces/

Zoli, CEO @ Themesberg

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    @themesberg that is really awesome, congratulations! Would be super cool to hear some additional insight into that process - e.g. how long it took from submission to listing, what Bootstrap's requirements are, revenue share for their marketplace, etc.

    1. 1

      Thanks, zayne. We will write a post about that a bit later. Make sure to follow us not so miss it! :)

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