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We created Themesberg in order to bring quality code and templates together. We use a unique and new design trends created solely by our team and we innovate the process of developers by trying and using our products.

January 27, 2021 Featured on PH with an open-source project!

It's happening! After about one hour of being posted and not yet featured, I was thinking this was not the day. But a few minutes later I got a notification and say that it became featured!

Together with two friends we've built an admin dashboard interface using React.js and Bootstrap 5. We decided to open source it!

Here's the post:

November 23, 2020 We're on ProductHunt! 😻

Today we also launched our website on ProductHunt! We've spent around 600 dollars on the video presentation, but I think it's 100% worth it. (we use it for ads as well or just to present our business to others).

Here's the PH post:

November 23, 2020 Launched Black Friday!

Today we launched our first Black Friday campaign with a dedicated landing page and limited orders! We offer all our products at a 90% discount price and there are only 150 orders in total.

Here is our dedicated page, if you're interested:

November 3, 2020 First video commercial! 📺

Today we finished and published our first ever video commercial that presents our business. It took us almost 1 week to get it done, but I believe the result is fantastic!

We will create a Facebook ad and YouTube ads campaign using this video and I'm excited to see how it goes.

Here's the video on YouTube:

October 14, 2020 Investment from Creative Tim! 💰

I'm excited to let you guys know that we got our first investment for Themesberg from an industry-leading company called Creative Tim!

We have been working with these guys for about one year, even launched products together, and felt like it was a natural step to allow them into the Themesberg family in exchange for an investment.

We will use the money to create new products, add new features to the marketplace, and innovate using new technologies and AI for web development!

You can read more details in our Q4 marketplace update!

September 24, 2020 Launched our first competition!

Today we launched our first competition in collaboration with! You can win prizes such as our whole Pixel bundle, Skillio branded goodies, and a 60-minute consultation with the CEO of Themesberg.

All you need to do is follow through the "Website Templates" module and correctly answer the quiz questions. We will also have a webinar on 28th of September!

Check it out:

September 17, 2020 5000 users! 🤯

A couple of days ago we reached a huge milestone: 5000 users!

Here's the timeline:

  • first 1k users in 6 months
  • second 1k users in 3 months
  • third 1k users in 1 month
  • another 2k in about 1.5 months

Our brand is getting more and more popular and we hope one day to surpass ThemeForest not only in terms of size but also in quality.

A big thank you to all the developers and companies that use our products for their projects ❤️

September 11, 2020 Finished building a knowledge center!

After many days of designing, coding, and writing topics I'm happy to announce that we just finished building a knowledge center at Themesberg!

So what are the main goals for this section?

  1. Write guides and topics about frequently asked question in a web development
  2. Drive traffic from Google and other search engines for specific keywords
  3. Offer high-quality content and guides
  4. Ultimately a CTA to our free and premium themes

To do list:

  • create a search bar
  • add a whole lot more topics

September 9, 2020 Sold a license for $499!

Wow! We just sold our first Company License for the Pixel Bundle for $499! The purchase was made in the USA a few minutes ago.

First time when I got the notification I thought I was seeing badly, but after double checking the sum was correct.

This is the bundle in case you're interested:

The purchase came from a direct visitor, so he probably knew about Themesberg already.

September 4, 2020 We had our first live event! 🧡

Yesterday we had a great experience meeting local developers and entrepreneurs interested in our project. We talked with a dozen of them and even got some pretty great suggestions from them as well.

Some photos you can check out:

Other than that it was a special day for our team as well because it was the first time that at least 4 of us were together as a team. We're a cheerful and positive thinking group of people.

We distributed more than 40 discount flyers and quite a few pens as well. The remaining codes will be distributed on our weekly newsletter, which you can sign up for on our website: (make sure to check the promotional infobox).

Thank you, everyone, for the positive thoughts and Cowork Timisoara for the invitation. It was a great experience and we would love to be more involved in the start-up scene of Timisoara, Romania 🧡

We created Themesberg in order to bring quality code and templates together. We use a unique and new design trends created solely by our team and we innovate the process of developers by trying and using our products.