January 5, 2020

First contributor posted a complete public entry

Laurent Martiny @lm_th

Early January 2020, someone has posted the first complete entry on https://theoriq.com By "complete" I mean that the user has created a new entry based on the passage from a book (Sprint) he was reading, adding the authors and book category (important as we aim at building a structure database of big ideas). This does not sound like much, but it is a huge sign for me. It means some people migth start using the app not only for perusing content/ scrolling feed, but also to save their own favorites findings from their readings.

This comes along with first real sign of engagement with the platform : user sharing thoughfull comments and some other users using another feature which i had no clue whether it will get interest : posting private entries from their own learning / understanding of the world around them.

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