November 28, 2020

First Launch Campaign created


I've spend the last two weeks inviting people to my platform, 3 days ago I've launched an MVP and today, the first Launch Campaign has been created.

You can see it at

Hoping to see many more soon.

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    Hey @justshowup so I really love your website! May I know what did you build it on?

    It's so clean and easy to understand. I am a little envious haha. As soon as I first went through the website, my mind was like "Okay, this is like Kickstarter but for new services and product" . I trust Kickstarter so all of a sudden I can see this working and understand the platform right away.

    One of the future feature to be added could be polls. So where by owners can create a question which their visitors can answer.

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      Hi Nakkeeran,

      thank you for taking the time to check out my project and I'm glad you like it. Your idea with polls is awesome... I know that sending feedback in an email is not the best solution, very often people don't know how to start an email or what to write really, so some of them just give up. Polls could mitigate some of those issues and make sending feedback way easier. Thank you one more time for this, I really appreciate it and I will implement this features as soon as possible.

      The tech stack is very simple, it's just a static website made with 11ty with Airtable as a database. I just wanted to see if this idea has any potential and from the feedback I've got so far, it has so I've already started working on fully-featured version which I'm building using Elixir and Phoenix.

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        True about people giving up and finding it time consuming to give feedback. The survey could be just a simple two option poll something like "Is the description of the product understandable and clear? A. Yes B. No"

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