October 9, 2019


Hansel Pahmer Sanchez @hansel

After seven highly engaging posts about seven books, I stopped creating content for the page as I began a new project. But the account kept growing.

Now, at almost 1,000 followers and good feedback about what I was doing, I'm planning on retaking the project and creating a website for it. For this I have set three rules for myself so I won't drop the project once again.

Rules for myself:

  1. Constant: no matter what other projects and work I have going on I will commit to bring out consistent content and keep on building the community. But to do this I must follow rule number two

  2. Keep it simple: in order to follow rule number one, I have to keep things simple. Meaning that the content must be fast and easy to produce. Instead of spending a week for one book I will now try to spend a maximum of 10-12 hours for a book post.

  3. High quality: high-quality content is very relative. So instead of trying to make new fancy animations, I will keep the visuals minimal, clean, and consistent. Focusing on the end goal of helping people discover new reads and obtaining fast insights.

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