November 29, 2019



I started on October 18th to build our MVP, and now, 5 weeks later, I'm ready to launch the first phase of Thridea.

I worked every night and midnight after work to build what we have right now. A product that for sure will help a lot of business to build products driven by his customers' feedback.

Some of the features that this first phase of Thridea has:

  1. Manage multiple boards
  2. Add team members to moderate the posts/feedbacks
  3. Automatic Customer Identification
  4. Several integrations: Slack, Stripe, Google Analytics. (Still working on the Zapier integration)
  5. Webhooks
  6. Roadmap
  7. Timeline view
  8. Email notifications
  9. Post/comment editor with markdown support
  10. Custom Domains + HTTPS
  11. Free subdomains.

And this is only the beginning, from now on the plan is to keep improving the product based on ours customer feedback, that it's going to be our product philosophy.

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