December 30, 2019

Finished MVP for Tibble

Jarrad @jarrad_obrien

I've done some web dev over the years, but I decided to get really into it after finishing university last year. I wanted to learn React, so I went through "Road to React" and "Road to React with Firebase" both by Robin Wieruch. Yes, I typed out everything in the book so it would stick.

Tibble is a simple app where you declare what projects you're working on. You can add friends, who see your projects, and you see theirs. Your projects have a health bar that decays over time, unless you say that you've been working on them. The idea is that it helps you keep track of your friends projects, so you can talk to them about projects that are going well (or not so well).

The idea came from a friend who kept working on animations, only to get halfway through and discard them because he didn't think they were good enough. It's easy for side projects to die silently when no one knows about them. I think having public visibility on them can help with motivation and confidence in completing them.

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