March 30, 2020

We Got Our First Paying Users!


Our Product Hunt launch was great! We got 1500+ visitors in one day and our first paying user! They used our Product Hunt promocode and subscribed to our Lite Annual plan. The next day, we got another paying user! They did not use any promocode so it was our first FULL paying user.

If you're interested in learning how we got here, I've written a short post about it here:

For all you guys still waiting on your first customer - hang in there! It took us six months (part-time) but we got there :)

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    Curious how much this is costing you to run right now? Do you run any sort of DOS protection and/or do any rate limiting to prevent against spammers running up your AWS bill? I've always been super curious about how people carry out building infrastructure like this, could you elaborate a little bit on the tech that you used and what the infrastructure looks like at a high level @rabbitsfoot8?

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      Great question! Well we run on AWS so its very cheap even at larger scale. E.g. 10,000 + sites for example would still cost less than $100 per month (assuming all low traffic sites). Combating spammers and DOS attacks is an ongoing battle. We have a few hidden security measures to make sure it's only used in the correct way. Its mainly based on patterns we've seen from the illegal uploads (phishing sites, streaming sites etc). But we eventually want to get better at this through maybe a machine learning approach. No easy solution really!

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      I'm very interested in this as well!

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    Cool idea! I like it. Good luck :)

    EDIT: Just checked it. Doesn't netlify has the exact same feature too? ... what's your competition?

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      We're still refining the product but we're the quickest way to publish your site right now with no registration required. All sites you upload by default are deleted after 7 days (unless you're on our Pro plan). So it's great to testing and prototyping.

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    YES! Let's fucking go!

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      Thank you!!!

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    I think its a great idea. Can see a lot of potential here.

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      Thank you! What would you love to use it for?

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        A lot of marketing landing pages are temporary (eg. movie premieres, events, etc). If you provide enough flexibility for non coders (templates) you can find another niche there.

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    Good stuff Elston. Keep it going!

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      Thanks Adam!

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      Thank you!

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    Congrats! way to go

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      Thank you!

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      Thank you!

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Thank you! That's awesome!

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