November 12, 2019

Published a case study that describes our usage

Ishay Tentser @IshayTentser

I wrote an article that describes our own use case for TimelinesAI.

This turned out to be a good decision, as it helped me and my co-founders to reconsider the real value that the app brings for our business.

The main highlights are that using TimelinesAI we feel safer, as the most important business messages get documented and stored, they are easy to find and refer to. We are also confident that we never lose access to these messages in case the inbox of our teammates leaves with them, as messages and business details become de-centralized.

In general, we got used to sharing messages from Timelines. It works for us better than forwarding, as it allows us to exchange and quickly access messages that come from WhatsApp and Slack, but outside of these systems.

All these points helped us to develop the USP and change our own perception of TimelinesAI from simple "message aggregator" to a tool that helps teams to "store and exchange the meaningful information that comes from messages in no time"

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