October 15, 2019

Calling time on Timesy

Dudley Laver @Laver777

After 9 months I have taken the decision to close Timesy. This is the first project I have seen through to the end. It took me 4 months to build and was used by a handful of companies - which was very rewarding to see. I have spent the last few months pushing the product, with social, ads and even flyering local businesses - but all to no avail.

Reasons for closing

  • Monthly running costs were outweighing revenue
  • Too many company variables meaning that designing an MPV to suit all was tough
  • Low revenue makes advertising hard
  • Target market was vey niche and location based

Lessons learned

  • B2B projects are much harder to market
  • Don't underprice your product
  • Get the product in front of people early as possible, instead of making it fully polished
  • Design a project that is not geographically restricted

All is not lost
As Timesy was built on the the no-code platform bubble - I will be reusing the designs and UI and creating them into a series of paid templates. So hopefully someone can benefit from it and if I make a little revenue from it that would be great.

Whats next?
I spent a number of days trying to implement Google calendar, I asked in forums but got little to no response. Which got me thinking why would people help me without any incentive? So my next project is to help people solve their problems and should be live in the next week or two, so keep an eye out

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