October 24, 2019

Major redesign of app: functional 3D viz

Almar Klein @almarklein

What started out as a few small tweaks ended up in a major redesign of the app, making it much more intuitive and better looking.


One major change is the visualization of the project overview. The previous version was a bit flat and boring. So I made this more interactive, with moving parts and smooth transitions. Plus I gave it a 3D appearance.

3D can be a gimmick to make something look fancy, but it can also be functional. Where I first used full-width bars to indicate the relative time spend on each project, this information is now communicated by how much the project block moves towards you. The effect is much stronger, but it's interesting to realize that it takes very few pixels (in terms of screen estate) to actually create the effect. It's funny how the human brain works :)

Since I now had a better sense of a color scheme, I also gave the landing page a small makeover.


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