September 25, 2019


Tuomas Jomppanen @tuomasj

Well, It didn't go as planned. It was not exactly the result I expected. And this was years before "The Mom Test" book!

I did not touch the project for several months but I had the nagging feeling that after all the work I did, I didn't want to shutdown the project. I kept thinking there must be people out there who want to create an invoice in the most simplest way. Finally, after enough procrastination, I decided to publish my invoicing app to the internet.

On September 9th, I went to Hover and bought a domain.

"Thank you for your order! A record of your purchase information appears below. Please keep this email as the confirmation of your order."

After domain purchase, last thing left to do was to configure the domain on Heroku and with that, my little web app was live.

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