February 28, 2020

We got our first paid user!

Burak Karakan @karakanb

We have been working hard in the last couple of weeks after our initial launch; we have reached out to some users to collect more direct feedback, contacted some people making a living in the industry, and tried to improve the product. There were 3 main changes we have introduced:

  • Revamped dashboard & Top Picks pages to summarize information in a direct way.
  • Built a match details page.
  • More importantly, we dropped the initial prices from £20 to £5, a big drop.

We were reluctant about dropping the prices, but we wanted to further validate the idea by acquiring paid users as well as giving some people early adapter changes since they would be supporting us from the beginning. Also, we have started running some very small paid marketing campaigns on Facebook for the last 2 days, ~5 euros per day.

I woke up this morning and saw that I had an email from Stripe, saying "Congratulations!". I jumped into the dashboard right after I read the email just to validate that this was correct, and it was correct indeed. I got super happy and sent screenshots to my friends to celebrate.

All in all, I know it is a super small amount of money and it doesn't prove anything about the product or anything, but it doesn't change the fact that something we have built has mode some money, and I am very happy to share this with all you guys.

Thank you for all the feedback and support up to this point, I hope you have a lovely Friday.


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