September 8, 2019

Launched writing app MVP

Joel Aguero @joelaguero

It's been three weeks since I started working on

"The way to make your startup grow, is to make something users really love." – PG

Why I'm building it: I wanted a space to write privately online with other people - something minimalist where each keystroke felt special.

What launch means: I shared it with an early list of friends and family who I have mentioned it to over the past few weeks, and here too! I'm doing an invite-only thing, inspired by Dribbble's model, which helps keep the community active and high-quality.

What's next: I am really focused on building something I love. It'd be fun if others enjoyed it too, but after trying various failed projects that conceptually made sense or intellectually seemed "feasible", I'm really leaning into intuition and the advice to build for myself this time. Next, I'm focusing on building a delightful, peaceful, and calming writing experience. I want it to feel therapeutic. What's that look like feature-wise?

  • Publishing privately
  • Customizing titles
  • Basic discovery
  • Customizing the writing experience (toggle sound fx on/off, toggle lofi hiphop on/off, toggle ambient rain noise on/off)

Growth: I'm considering building a special set of features for National Novel Writing Month. I'm also thinking about focusing on more specific communities I know (i.e. queer writers). It's also somewhere I have unique understanding and access.

Thanks for the support! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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