October 12, 2019

60,000 Active Extension Users

Tim @timleland

We are right at 60,000 users using the Link Shortener Extension. Building an extension has been a great way to promote T.LY. The extension allows users to shorten a link in one click and it automatically copies to their clipboard.

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    That's amazing!

    What's your current MRR for T.LY?

  2. 1

    Congrats! Sounds like a big milestone.

    In your article,​ you're talking about creating a blog. Do you have any advice on that? How did that impact your growth?


  3. 1

    Congrats Tim! What is your biggest source where people find your extension? I was planning on building into the Chrome Web Store and I wasn't sure how to get it attention for the extension.

    1. 3

      Thanks! It takes time to grow an extension. I've built several extensions over the years. I've also been fortunate to be on Lifehacker. Here is an article I wrote on article on some ways to market extensions. Hope this helps. Good luck!

      1. 2

        Thanks! I'm going to save it.

        1. 1

          Awesome let me know if you have any extension development questions.

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