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I wanted a quick way to create short URLs. TLY is a bit shorter than the competitors and when it comes to link shorteners, you want them to be short!

March 15, 2021 300,000 Active Users

We officially passed 300,000 active users using Link Shortener Extension. We are expecting to hit 400,000 in a few months! Exciting to see the growth of the extension and to see so many users finding the ability to quickly shorten urls so useful.

January 10, 2021 Link Retargeting

We are excited to announce, T.LY now supports link retargeting for Facebook and Adwords. Most other link management tools charge 10x more for this feature but we are including it for all of our plans. Signup today to start using link retargeting.

Read More on our blog: https://blog.t.ly/link-retargeting/

December 31, 2020 Introducing OneLinks

T.LY is proud to announce that it has added a new feature to better help the users! If you have a need to create one spot for all of your links we have just the thing for you. T.LY is proud to now be able to provide OneLink to its users. You can now create a customizable link to share with others to help you connect together all of your different content links into OneLink. It is a simple way of helping your audience to have easy access to all of your content locations. This tool is perfect for a profile bio!

October 4, 2020 50 Million Clicks

We are excited to announce that over 50 million T.LY short links have been clicked! It’s great to know so many people around the world are benefiting from the link shortening service. T.LY is the shortest most trusted link shortener service in the market. The average T.LY short link gets around 12.5 clicks. We are focused on creating the easiest way to create short links. Make sure you check out our extension, it makes creating short links a breeze. On to the next 50 million clicks!

May 24, 2020 Live on ProductHunt!

We’re live on Product Hunt! We greatly appreciate you taking a look or sharing!

You’re probably asking yourself, why another link shortener? What makes T.LY different?

The first thing is the length of the domain. T.LY is short and easy to type! Next, we are cheaper than the other options. Starting at $5, we wanted everyone with their own domain to be able to shorten links affordably. Another feature, is an amazing extension that allows users to shorten links in a matter of seconds. And finally we give back by planting trees for every new subscription.

Extension: https://t.ly/extension
API Docs: https://t.ly/docs

May 17, 2020 Launched a Blog

We just launched a blog to share our journey of building a link shortener. We plan to share articles on tips and tricks and new features being added to T.LY. The blog was built with Wordpress and a theme we customized. I hope you check it out!

Blog: http://t.ly/blog

April 19, 2020 Custom Domains!

We now offer the ability for users to add their own domains to T.LY! We are excited to offer this feature which will allow companies to brand themselves with their own domains. The Chrome, Firefox, and Edge extensions also support the ability to pick your custom domain. http://t.ly/extension

April 1, 2020 Mission to Plant Trees

To help give back, T.LY has partnered with One Tree Planted. They make it simple for you to plant trees around the world. Now with every subscription, T.LY will plant trees as part of our way to give back to the planet. All users have to do is sign up! We think this is a way to help TLY to stand out amongst the market of competitor link shorteners while helping the planet.

February 29, 2020 Extension in Edge Browser

With Edge switching to use the same chromium engine, it makes porting chrome extension to Edge easy. Link shortener extension is now available in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/ajedojkedficaboemnhahoclgfnooelm

February 27, 2020 Url Shortener Link History

I recently added a new feature to my URL shortener extension that will show you the history of your short links. Just click on the history icon, and a list of the past 20 short URLs will appear. You can then click on any link to copy it to your clipboard. Hopefully, this will save users time finding all their short links. https://t.ly/extension

I wanted a quick way to create short URLs. TLY is a bit shorter than the competitors and when it comes to link shorteners, you want them to be short!