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I've been working on this app for myself. I use it everyday and it helps me to maintain the focus on what really MUST be done today. It also allows me to plan and prioritise my upcoming tasks.

May 28, 2021 What comes after v1.0?

v1.1, of course.

Today has received already enough feedback for the upcoming releases.

As a task management app, things like having stats included in the app itself, will help your mind to form the habit of willing to open the app to complete tasks, and maintain yourself accountable.

As this is NOT a subscription-based app, I'm not feeling wrong for trying to hook you into the app. At the end of the day, I'm trying to get you addicted to complete more things!

The effort has been huge, especially for "the other 99%" of things you have to do to promote the app. However, the reward of receiving an honest "Ricardo, I'm actually using your app because I like it", is mind-blowing 😊

I've wrote a little thread on Twitter about my first experiences of indie hacking.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

May 21, 2021 Sent to Product Hunt, $42 so far

What is success?, selling a few licenses for $42 doesn't feel like this app is going to retire me. However, this week I've learned so much that it will take months to assimilate.

Before I continue... $42!! THANK YOU! 🎉, and half of these sells happened while I was doing SCUBA diving!. There is a massive difference between how it feels exchanging time for money vs. passive income.

Product Hunt went fine-ish. You don't just send your app to the moon featuring the app during a Monday, especially when you have to compete against tons of "free" apps. Still, there are nearly 50 upvotes, and it's still slowly increasing. I would do it completely differently if I were featuring the app again, so lessons learned for other projects.

For app itself, I have a lot of plans that will come as free updates for everyone. The nice thing about coding your own applications is that you can do whatever you want with the pricing. So for an app that doesn't have monthly costs (around $13/m, shared with more projects), I prefer to just leave it as a one-off payment.

What I will do instead is increase the price as more features are appearing. It's fair for early adopters that supported the app from the beginning, and for me, as I will continue investing my time.

All in all, I'm pretty happy, I want more, so more will come. Stay tuned! :)

May 17, 2021 Started to announce it

First, I know there are a lot of comments about how difficult is to get your app into the App Store, but my story is different. Mine got approved the same day!, I had to deal with some "digital paperwork", but my experience so far with the Mac App Store has been nice, and the support team has been very kind also.

So here is the thing now, having the development work been done, it's time for marketing. I've started to announce the app in some of my social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter. I will also publish some messages here in Indie Hackers as well so hopefully the app will start having some traction.

Feedback so far has been good, even people that just bought the app to help me is actually happy using it. So I can't be more happier now 🥲

To whoever needs to read this: If you're actually building a product and you're somewhat stuck or with doubts... you can do it! continue! 💪🏻

May 13, 2021 v1.0 Sent to the Mac App Store

Hey everyone!,

It's a massive honor to announce that I've just sent "Today" to the Mac Apps Store!!!

What does it means?, well first... is not published yet. Apple will need to review the app before we can uncork the champagne. But second, it also means the website has been deployed as well, as it is required in order to publish it.

So say hello to :)

To be honest, I will not bet my beard thinking I will suddenly become rich with this desktop app. The most important thing for this project is to actually being able to complete "the other 99%" of stuff you have to do, before launching anything.

Next steps?, fix anything that comes from Apple Review team, or from the first users. Will you be one of them? =)

December 15, 2020 Created the logo!

Last weekend I've bought the Apple Developer Program license, as I'm already happy with how the first version of the app will look like, so I've reviewed the latest Human Interface Guidelines for desktop applications, as my previous logo was a temporary one.

It is funny how much doing the chores can boost your creativity: In my case, my desktop application is all about completing little tasks, and I think there is no better metaphor for this than a checked checkbox, or at least that came into my mind in the middle of cleaning some dishes. The idea also happens to fit perfectly with the new desktop app icon shape, that Apple is pushing us all to follow.

I can't remember the exact phrase, but I've heard the other day in a meeting that there is a lot of complexity involved to create simple things.

I really hope that you can appreciate the depth of simplicity in every corner of this little productivity tool :)

Next steps:

  1. Build a landing page with its support contact form
  2. Publish an internal beta prior launching it to the App Store
  3. Ship it!
September 6, 2020 I'm close to the MVP

I'm starting to be proud of the app. Behind its simple UI, there are tons of tiny details that makes my own life easier, being my own user.

Since the last year, there are things that has changed. The most important is there is only one window now, you cannot have "multiple files", for different projects.

Instead, you can navigate through your projects from the left sidebar, so jumping from one project into another is much more easier, and you have the eagle view of the amount of tasks you have pending for today. Internally is just a single file-based database.

The main functionality is complete. Strictly speaking, this is already a MVP... but there are little details and pending features that still prevents me to open an Apple Developer account and ship it.

The good thing is I've finally talked about it, publicly, on Twitter, and the feedback has been nice:

May 13, 2019 Progress

To be honest, most of my pet projects get abandoned at certain point. Probably when the first challenge appears, or just the opposite, when is not a challenge anymore.

This project is different, I actually use it every single day.

At the moment, you can have many projects in several .today files, and this is very handy as you can rely on your preferred file sync provider. No matter if it's Dropbox or Creative Cloud.

While it already works, I'm also my own demanding customer. The UI needs some love to start with.

September 6, 2018 The seed

I'm obsessed with task lists, I've been using tiny paper task lists since I started working for a printing shop, many years ago, where a LOT of things were needed to be accomplished during the same day, while a fluent stream of more tasks were being added.

The problem is I've never managed to replace this habit and move them into a digital list. I tend to prefer native desktop apps over popular web alternatives and then there is the problem of bloated software or complex workflows.

My needs are much simpler. A list of projects with three columns on each: Today, Tomorrow, Never.

This project started Today.


I've been working on this app for myself. I use it everyday and it helps me to maintain the focus on what really MUST be done today. It also allows me to plan and prioritise my upcoming tasks.