August 20, 2020

Landing page pushed and made public on AdWords

Dylan Fitzgerald @DylanFitzgerald

After a few weeks sketching and refining problem statements and arriving on some potential solutions (and day-jobbing and raising a kid), it's long since time to take the pulse of the market! I pushed up a landing page at the domain root of after collaborating with founder friends that I respect, and am reasonably happy with the content.

In parallel, I launched (my very first!) Google AdWords campaign. That's been...less impressive. Over 20,000 impressions in, and I've got about 22 clicks and zero signups. That's not enough data to say if my landing page is any good, but it's clear that my AdWords targeting needs work--so that's my clear next step!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Finished landing page for Hitsnag!
    Hey IH peeps, I just finished polishing up's landing which is launching sometime next month. Hitsnag gives you email shortcuts to your fav
  • Working on a product for a while. Please roast it!
    Would love someone roast it to bring me back to reality! I've been working on a B2B SaaS startup for way too long, our MVP is almost ready (Feb'21), a
  • Today we exist exactly 2 months
    Second milestone - Made 1 free and 1 paid product for @tailwindcss - Earned $191.66 @gumroad - 213 downloads @gumroad - 79 followers @Twitter - 6 foll
  • Created a Slack community for alpha testers!
    I was previously maintaining a newsletter for my first set of testers for Glimst. This would be my main communication channel to relay all of my updat
  • Landing Page
    That time I will do the project not alone, but with my love. We are both expats, me Swiss, she from Brazil. We both know, that Brazilians have the so