October 22, 2019

Greetings, indiehackers!

Ianis @yanis

Hey, fellow hackers!

I've decided to join the community and openly share my journey with the world. Very excited!

But first things first.

Todox is a simple and straightforward web task manager. It looks a bit like Trello: every project occupies a column, but there is also a dedicated column for scheduling.

At the moment, it's completely free for use. The premium plan, which lets you have more than one board, costs $3 / mo, and I have several people signed up for it.

Here I hope to learn from you guys and, from my side, will try to share as much as possible: my decisions and consequences, UX, marketing, what works and what doesn't, revenue flow, etc.

Talk to you soon!

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    That's a beautiful interface. I will give this a try, nice one.

    I'm trying to do a similar thing but with Google Contacts as list categories, in an app.
    New landing page mockup https://ywl8wfjdl27x.landen.co/