November 25, 2019

first launching


Have you ever had trouble finding a clean public toilet when traveling in ASEAN? Early adopter at the first launch there was an Asean country, namely Indonesia. Public toilets in Indonesia are practically easy to find, but most of them can be said to be less hygienic.
It turned out that based on world data, the World Economic Forum (WEF) placed the quality of Indonesian toilets ranked 40 out of 140 countries. The quality value of Indonesian toilets is only 40 on a scale of 100. "

For those of you who travel a lot, at a minimum when traveling, no doubt sometimes need a public toilet just to urinate or cleanse the body. Especially in the moment of school holidays, there will be many tourists or people outside the city who need facilities such as public toilets. However, not all public toilets that are found are practically clean and suitable for use. So that not infrequently some of them choose to look for other nearby public toilets.

In an all-digital era like now, all applications that would help a variety of human problems are available on smartphones. Not only maps to see road maps and traffic density, but now the application "NET TOILET" is available based on concerns about sanitation conditions in Indonesia.

With crowdsource based, this application (formerly called "TOILET RATE") displays the data of the nearest public toilet along with the quality rating of the toilet.

This application has participated in several competitions and won in one of them:

Champion 3 Application of the Mental Revolution Movement in the field of cleanliness of the Coordinating Ministry for PMK

Finalist Facebook Developer Challenge Indonesia 2016

In addition, some of the media below have also reported it

You can download it in PlayStore (for iOS still in process) to facilitate searching for toilets while traveling and also help us assess public toilets or even criticize them. It is hoped that this assessment will improve the cleanliness of public toilets. And then we will collaborate with the dirty toilet data with the government to immediately improve it.

As more people know about this application, more and more will help provide data to make public toilets cleaner so sanitation in Indonesia is even better.

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