What does the next month look like for Toko?

Over the past month or so, I have been gradually making changes to Toko. I deployed the landing page @ https://tokoapp.netlify.app/. I am actually currently in the process of redesigning the landing page to more accurately represent the brand, and to really follow one design scheme throughout the whole website, from the landing page to the website builder.

Speaking of website builders, it is the one feature that I have not thought about at all during this process, which is ironic since it is possibly the most important feature of the website. I have put days of work into both branding, the dashboard and landing page, but little to no thought into the major component of the site. I am hoping to change this in the next month, focusing on the mechanics of the editor, and hopefully will have a very basic version by the end of the month.

A basic backend is also a must in the next month. I am using the Django framework, which I am quite experienced in, so it should not be too much of a struggle implementing user authentication and a basic dynamic dashboard.

This month is going to be jam packed with things that need doing, so I hope there will also be more regular (possibly weekly?) updates here on the progress of Toko.

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