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I want to help people get out of debt by planning and tracking progress.

July 3, 2021 Integrated Typescript into code base

I had been struggling with creating schemas for objects and aligning those objects with the Firebase Firestore fields. Typescript had been on my radar for some time, but I hadn't worked with it before.

I come from a C# background where OOP is king. Moving into Javascript, I wanted to fully embrace the Prototypical Inheritance model rather than using the syntactic sugar of classes. My solution was to use Typescript as a way to simply ensure that customs objects and functions were passed the correct data.

Typescript was really easy to integrate into the project. Vue 3.x is written fully in Typescript so it has excellent support. All I had to do was run vue add typescript and the rest was straightforward. Obviously I had to learn some of the special keywords that Typescript has, but I am quite familiar with the pattern of using Interfaces.

Now my code base is much more scalable and I won't be worrying that I passed the wrong data type into a function. Just like with Javascript, there are good parts and bad parts. The key is to learn the differences and keep moving forward.

June 29, 2021 Mobile-friendly redesign

Since I've had a few months away from this project, I realized that my original app was not mobile friendly! Whether I like it or not, the majority of people won't give my app a try if it doesn't work on their phone.

I spruced up the login screen and simplified the dashboard so it's easily viewed on screens down to an iPhone 5.

It's getting closer to an initial launch and trial by some close friends and family!

May 21, 2021 Ironed out paydown data calculation

I had a goal to ship Topple before the end of 2020. The time frame slipped a bit, but I'm still planning to release the app as an MVP to get user feedback.

Getting the logic ironed out to calculate the paydown data was crucial to the app's functionality. Now that this is working, I will work on the UI.

December 20, 2020 Connected Firebase Auth & Firestore

I have a goal of shipping Topple 1.0 before the end of 2020. I decided to use Firebase for authentication and data storage. It's simple to install and set up so I didn't have to spin up my own database.

Over the weekend, I worked to integrate Firebase into my Vue.js application locally. I learned about a few features that I didn't know existed for Firebase.

First, Firestore has a function called onShapshot that allows the app to fetch database updates when they happen. This keeps the local state and the database data in sync.

Second, Firebase Auth offers a function called onAuthStateChanged that allows you to call logic every time the event triggers. I used this hook to monitor the database collections once the user had logged in.

I'm very excited to ship this app so people can use it to topple their mountains of debt!

May 1, 2020 I created a working prototype

I wanted to learn more about Vue. I had recently become frustrated with the limitations of my Excel spreadsheet for planning and tracking my debt payments.

This was a great project to start with. I built a single .html file with a script of the Vue code. My next goal is to release a full-fledged Vue app and integrate Firebase 👍


I want to help people get out of debt by planning and tracking progress.