Version 0.3.0 - Preview

I just published Qqick overview of system features in version 0.3.0.

Finally came with a set of features I want to implement.

What is Tracardi Customer Data Platform:

  • Customer Data Integration - Ingest, aggregate and store customer data from multiple sources in real-time at any scale and speed.

  • Customer Data Modelling - Managing data is as simple as copying data. Define a rule that will model data delivered from your page and copy it into the user profile.

  • User Experience Personalization - Personalize user experience with real-time customer segmentation and targeting.

  • Profile Unification - Merge customer data from various sources to a single profile. Auto de-duplicate customer records. Blend customers in one account.

  • Automation - TRACARDI is a great framework for creating marketing automation apps. You can send your data to other systems easily.

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