TRACARDI is the new HOME for your customer data.

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I want to create a fully open product for storing customer data. A system that anyone will be able to install on their server in the cloud in a few minutes.

July 20, 2021 Started building community of contributors.

I started to build community of python developers who would like to contribute to Tracardi. I have got 150 people signed up as potential contributors to my #opensource project and 27 joined our discord server. And that’s in 8 hours. This can be a really active community.

June 2021 My first promotional video

When you create a B2B product, you have to explain what it does in one sentence.

And it is not easy when the product is complex. and when you do it a thousand times, it's time to make a movie about it :)

So I did it. Enjoy.

June 22, 2021 Project road-map for v0.4.0 is set

Version 0.4.0

Use cases

* Collecting events from web-page by JavaScript
* Binding events to elements on the page
* Gathering user properties
* Merging user profiles
* Simple segmentation


* Defining user data enhancement by workflow
* Workflow staging
* Simple workflow debugging
* Triggering workflow by rules
* Source configuration
* Credentials inside source
* Source should have type of query storage or event sourcing.
* Plugins configuration
* Schema for PII


* Remove UQL Manual
June 21, 2021 Version 0.4.0 - Preview

Big changes in Tracardi.

  • with version - 0.4.0 - Tracardi no longer uses Apache Unomi. It makes the whole product simpler, easier to scale, and allows new features to be developed.

  • Now Tracardi has new workflow editor to process user data. Extendable workflow opens new ways the product can be developed.

  • Now Tracardi is API-first application. API is auto documented.

Take a look what's new in this version.

April 23, 2021 Version 0.3.0 - Preview

I just published Qqick overview of system features in version 0.3.0.

Finally came with a set of features I want to implement.

What is Tracardi Customer Data Platform:

  • Customer Data Integration - Ingest, aggregate and store customer data from multiple sources in real-time at any scale and speed.

  • Customer Data Modelling - Managing data is as simple as copying data. Define a rule that will model data delivered from your page and copy it into the user profile.

  • User Experience Personalization - Personalize user experience with real-time customer segmentation and targeting.

  • Profile Unification - Merge customer data from various sources to a single profile. Auto de-duplicate customer records. Blend customers in one account.

  • Automation - TRACARDI is a great framework for creating marketing automation apps. You can send your data to other systems easily.

April 7, 2021 Version 0.2.0 - Preview

See whats new in TRACARDI version 0.2.0. My First sneak preview of Tracardi development progress. Product is still very early but some features can be documented. My video editing skills are still poor.

Tracardi uses Apache Unomi as its backend. So I had to write my own query language to make querying Unomi simple.

April 2, 2021 My YouTube channel

I decided to build tracardi in public. That's why today I am opening a Youtube channel where I will publish all the progress with product development.

My video editing skills will have to go up :)

April 2, 2021 Now is the time to start coding.

Now is the time to start coding. The first commit was done. . Domain bought so there is no turning back :)

I am trying to focus on core features of customer data platforms so the first working version can be released within a month.

Cross fingers.


I want to create a fully open product for storing customer data. A system that anyone will be able to install on their server in the cloud in a few minutes.