September 7, 2019

Automatic reminder emails set up

Alan Montgomery @TheTechTeacher

Over the past week after launch, I've been tracking user activity on the app and patterns etc for

I'm not using any sort of email marketing tool so I've set up my own automatic email reminders for users who;

  • Signed up for a trial but haven't logged in.
  • Are going to run out of trial days, prompt them to upgrade (if the trial days left are <= 4)

I've just created a simple script to do this and set it up as a cronjob. Hopefully will help in the near future for converting some dormant accounts or prompt trial users to upgrade!

Tomorrow will mark 1 week since launching TrackMyLift! And wow. It's been so successful.

I will be putting on a dedicated post tomorrow with everything that's happened in the past week during my launch.

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