August 15, 2019

Features of app on homepage

Alan Montgomery @TheTechTeacher

After some feedback, which I agreed with, I've removed some elements from my homepage (stock undraw illustrations showing bits of text outlining "features" on a simple orange background div and three very small phone mock up pics.

I also had the Features page which showcased the actual features of the app with mock up app screenshots with a nice CSS animation. (This is still there, kept this page as well).

What I've done is I've taken the Feature list content from the Features page and plopped it into the homepage in between brand images. I think this flows ALOT better;

  • Header with text and CTA
  • Brand image and CTA
  • Features showing you what you'll get
  • Brand image

I'm very pleased with my decision to bring the features to homepage and show users Exactly what they'll be getting from this page. As before, they might of lost interest in the homepage and left before navigating to the Features page to see the most important part. Now it's there to see and they'll be intrigued. I'd appreciate any feedback on how it looks!
Release date 31st August ๐Ÿ‘€

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