September 8, 2019

Launch week results!

Alan Montgomery @TheTechTeacher

Hey guys!

So last Sunday I launched as a soft release and through the week got started with Facebook Ads, and a Product Hunt launch.

I launched around this time last week +4 hours so I guess this is a good time to share my results thus far.

My last update post was sharing my first paying customer, so here's some insights into how it's looking now:

All from Sunday 1st September - today. 🔥

  • £18.00 spent on Facebook Advertising

  • 189 signups to free trial

  • 11 paying customers :

  • 6 upgrades to Unlimited Plan (£15 * 6 = £90)

  • 5 paid plan sign ups to Unlimited Plan (£15 * 5 = £75)

  • 4 Coffees bought for me (£1.50 * 4 = £6)

  • 300 unique visitors from Product Hunt

  • 11th position on Product Hunt with 67+ upvotes

  • 1 paying customer from Product Hunt

  • Around 17 signups from Product Hunt

To summarise:

  • 11 Paying Customers
  • £171.00 generated this week
  • +189 users
  • Around 120 of the 189 users are active (in terms of they've came back time and time again and logged in, logged a workout etc - so potential to convert today, tomorrow etc).

Some fun facts:

  • A user has logged 25 workouts
  • Second highest workouts logged per user is 17
  • Over 400+ workouts logged
  • 30+ user defined exercises created
  • The most popular muscle group logged is Back!
  • Most signups and paying customers came from my Facebook launch post and the Facebook ads.

Just thought I would share my figures as I believe it's important as a startup to give insight into the early workings!

My next step is to work on SEO and looking at what the next step is. Although i've been very successful with my Facebook Ad targeting and audience e.g. for £18 of ads I've generated over 8 paying customers however, I want to further refine this and find even more specific ways of targeting the users I need. 👏🏻

Let me know what you think! 🤓 Very happy!

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