September 1, 2019

Released! 2 Users already, next plans

Alan Montgomery @TheTechTeacher

I've been very quiet on here in the last week or so, and that is only due to the fact that I was so busy getting everything ready for the release of my product;!


I've soft released on Facebook, Twitter with a huge promotional post on my personal page, and a professionally made promotional video which i'll link in the Facebook page post.

So HAPPY! I've already got 2 users signed up using the product which is absolutely astonishing!

📝 I'm so excited to see what's to come. My plans from here are;

a Product Hunt launch during the week

a Hacker News launch during the week

I have promotional flyers and clothing on their way

Link up with some gyms to promote

I have 5+ Personal Trainers on board who are gonna push this out to their clients.

Wanna see the promotional video? Check it out here;

Can't believe I've released my first product! Absolutely over the moon! 👏🏻

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