August 23, 2019

View Workouts, BuyUsACoffee, Tidy Ups

Alan Montgomery @TheTechTeacher is really coming along, I'm stoked at the progress I've been making and the release date of the 31st August 2019 is creeping up very fast!

Over the last few days I've got the view workout screen implemented across the app - allowing the user to easily, cleanly see their workout groups by exercise in a simple UI. Editing is in progress from the main "My workouts" section.

I've also added the "Buy us a coffee" into the app which I did when I didn't have a lot of time to work on more crucial things.

I've tidied up a lot of things based on some feedback I got from fellow IndieHackers. One big one (which was on my backlog as well, was a loading icon upon creating an account - which i had completely forgotten about back then when designing the main website).

My next steps are to tackle the more "crucial, bigger" backlog items and get those ironed out.

I'm buzzing and so excited to release. 🔥👏🏻

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