700 users and counting

This is just amazing. I built TrafficTicker last year and only launched it on ProductHunt. With over 700 users, we have 50+ established brands and over 500 MAUs.

Over the last 10-11 months or so, I have had 4 people requesting to delete their data which we did.

Now, server deals with just 70,000 requests a day on a small DigitalOcean instance.

As promised on the privacy front, I do not store any traffic data about our users. Meaning I've absolutely no idea of how many active users there are for any of my users. I feel happy about this 🙂😇

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    Is it ok to ask how large your DigitialOcean instance is, and the architecture of the app to support that many requests a day?

    Thanks :D (I was thinking about using Digital Ocean, but was concerned about scalability with my current architecture)

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      Hey @bradtaniguchi,

      The DigitalOcean server is 2GB RAM with 1vCPU (costing $10/month) and incidents are obviously managed with https://spike.sh. I use it for alerts on CPU percentages, Memory Utilization and Network I/O, it sends an email to Spike which internally creates an incident and calls me, especially during critical times.

      My 2 cents -

      I do not encourage anyone to ever think about scaling from the get-go. I bought this server and it has served me very well. Never been a single problem.

      Very importantly, I think what helps is the SIMPLICITY of TrafficTicker. I do not store any user data at all for privacy concerns. So, since i am not storing, there is no need to 70000 writes on DB or anything.

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